"Role Play act out your fantasy"

*Type of role play must be scheduled with your appointment time*

Underwear Modeling
(Pictures on "picture" page)

Let Jay try on one of his many types of underware for you. You can bring some for Jay if you like.
Straight Massage with accidental Touching
Purely straight massage but the turns it into an erotic one. Once the erotic massage started they moved down to the shower.

The Steam Room

Before your massage you need to relax your muscles. You go into the steam room to findthat someone is sitting on the other side with his towel a little higher then normal. You want to stare but dont let them catch you. It gets really steamy and no one can see so you.......

Jay Passes out

Jay had a few drinks before you got to your massage. When you come in he's so tired that he passes out on the couch. Its your job to make sure he feels comfortable because normally he sleeps naked. You take his clothes off and well he wont remember the rest. Maybe you can wake him up for your massage.

The Workout

You and your therapist do an actual 20 minute workout. Situps, squats, pushups, jumping jacks etc to build up a little sweat oh yeah, underwear only. Deep tissue massage, then you both hit the showers. Very sensual workout, massage and shower.
Your own Fantasy
Do you have a particular fantasy in mind? I have plenty of costumes and i can do some fetishes just give me an idea and please be discrete.

The Checkup

You want to fit in a last minute checkup before starting at the gym but the only time your doctor has is if he does it at his house. Everything seems normal until you realize the doctor is giving you an extra special physical.